Headlight Restoration

Why A New Head Light Restoration Technology?

Does your current headlight restoration product come with a Written Lifetime Warranty?

There are many headlight restoration products currently being offered in the marketplace. Most simply do not work very well or for very long.

Many of these products were created with very low performance expectations, and most represent earlier generation technologies first introduced several years ago.

LightRite represents a “Sea Change” in technology, and was created to finally offer a simple, one time treatment, with a Lifetime Warranty. This was based on two years of R & D, and testing at some of the world’s most sophisticated labs. LightRite is not in the same class as the earlier generation technologies.

The current field of technologies require, for the most part, many steps to prepare the lens for “polishing and waxing”, all quite temporary solutions.

Those technologies that do offer a final sealant for the lens typically have design issues, and use very thin “smear on” or brush on techniques. This is why many of the largest automotive groups have stopped performing headlight restoration services out of sheer frustration. Most lens sealers are in the range of 10% to 15% solids, while LightRite is over 55%. Many technologies don’t offer a sealer as part of their headlamp restoration technology. LightRite uses only the finest UV A blockers and urethane acrylates that have the highest cross link density available. LightRite has a pencil hardness of 4.8; the hardest available.

The LightRite technology certainly cannot be placed in the same category with the other products that purport to offer solutions to headlight degradation. These other products were not designed to offer long term solutions.

The world’s largest commercial fleets have chosen to use LightRite exclusively. The other products do not test at major labs because there is no reason to, given the assumed outcome. LightRite has been tested at several of the world’s most prestigious laboratories, including Q-Lab, one of the most advanced weathering facilities in the world. This is why we offer a Written Lifetime Warranty.

If you are planning to engage in headlight restoration for your fleet, or offer it to your customers as a service item, please ask the following questions:

1. Has the product been tested in a laboratory using SAE J2527 2004 2 protocols?

2. Is the product in use by the world’s largest fleets?

3. Does the technology under consideration offer a Written Lifetime Warranty?

4. Is the application process quick and easy?

LightRite can say yes to all of the above questions!

Finally, there is a solution to headlight degradation that actually works! 


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